Pumping In The Bathroom is based off of a common situation I experience as a type 1 diabetic. I often must change the infusion (the needle that is always in my body) of my insulin in a public bathroom. A few people always stop and stare at me, probably telling themselves something like obviously it's not heroin, but I mean, what is it? However, most people ignore it. The problem with changing the infusion in the bathroom is it takes up a lot of space and involves a needle. People often bump into me or walk through the tubing I have connecting me and the pump. The idea around was to simulate what it's like to have to avoid people who are oblivious to the situation while changing my infusion. The game mechanics are simple. Players navigate a confusing menu (it's confusing for me too) and dodge people. The player can also throw trash they at people to keep them from walking in front of you. I definitely suggest trying this in real life, it works almost as well as it does in the game.

As it is, the game isn't fun and doesn't really do the problem of changing an infusion in public justice. Conceptually the game doesn't do what I set out to do. Which was give players an idea of how uncomfortable and difficult it can be dealing with diabetes. Instead, the game and the menu is just annoying. From a technical standpoint, all the problems I had stemmed from not importing my Maya assets correctly to begin with. This meant I had to completely resized and position all my canvases.

If I had more time I would make the trash interaction make more sense and add animations so that the menu doesn't seem as random or pointless as it does now. I'd also like to add a feature where players handle the physical movements you must do to change the infusion. The lack of a visual change makes the game confusing. I also think the simple addition of a needle is probably more impactful than the menu system.